(javac|guavac|kaffe+javac) can't compile data java file

Vijay Vaidy vijay at webpage.com
Thu Mar 13 04:06:57 PST 1997

> Yesterday I installed toba which is a JAVA to C translator. After
> installation there were two binaries in the toba/bin directory. One is
> called itoba and the other one is the one to pay attention to! It's
> called xjavac and it's a compiled javac !!!! I was really surprised. It
> compiles my java-programs (25 classes * app. 50-200 codelines) up to 5
> times faster then the javac in the VM does! (For all code <1 min.! on a
> Cyrix 6x86 100Mhz)

Be warned though, Toba is only available (currently)
for NON COMMERCIAL USE. There is no information about
its availability or not for commercial use.

It looks quite good, although it did crash on our server.
I hope it works out, 'cos I sure could use a nice neat product
like this one.

- Vijay

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