Kaffe 8.0.2 build fails under NeXTStep 3.3 m68k with gcc 2.7.2

Glen McCort gwmccort at cca.rockwell.com
Thu Mar 13 06:45:07 PST 1997

>>>>> "feoh" == A Bull in the China Shop of Life <feoh at dayroom.org> writes:

feoh> Firstly, it tries to execute the command: ranlib <library> -lm,
feoh> which is obviously bogus :) that's easily fixable though, one
feoh> mod to the kaffe/kaffevm/Makefile fixes it.

feoh> *then* after getting even further into the build, it dies at link-time.
feoh> Anyone have any ideas?

feoh> gcc -g -O  -I. -I./../kaffevm -I../../config -I./../../config -I../../inc
feoh> lude -o kaffe main.o -L../kaffevm -lkaffe_vm
feoh> ld: Undefined symbols:
feoh> _Kaffe_java_io_FileDescriptor_initSystemFD_stub
feoh> _Kaffe_java_io_FileDescriptor_valid_stub
feoh> _Kaffe_java_io_FileInputStream_available_stub

I'm running NextStep on an Intel processor, but ran into the same
problem. I fixed it by changing the kaffe/kaffe/Makefile's
kaffe$(EXECEXT) target to: 

kaffe$(EXEEXT): $(OBJECT) 
                $(CC) $(ALL_CFLAGS) -o kaffe$(EXEEXT) $(OBJECT) -L../kaffevm -L../.\
./packages//tjwassoc.demon.co.uk/APIcore/lib   -L../../packages/tjwassoc.demon.co.u\
k/APInet/lib -lkaffe_vm -lkaffe_native -lkaffe_net  -lkaffe_vm 


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