James Kevin Doyle jdoyle at rhea.cs.umass.edu
Thu Mar 13 07:15:01 PST 1997

> > What we are working on at UMass is a generational copying collector ..
> Sounds pretty good (the kind of memory management I was thinking about). Just
> out of curiosity, do you use the train algorithm to collect the mature object
> space?
Yes, it's the train algorithm, with some mechanisms for handling
finalization and weak pointers that aren't specified in the original

> Do you have plans to intergrate your heap system into kaffe? Did you already
> compare your system with existing VMs? I would expect a significant effect.
Because our object format is so different from that in kaffe, we are building
our own JVM...we are concentrating on a SPARC implementation, and we plan to
do JIT, but not with the kind of multi-arch. support kaffe has.  The VM
is still being built, but I'll have some results to talk about in May. :)

Jim Doyle
jdoyle at cs.umass.edu

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