kaffe dying w/ biss awt (related?)

Peter C. Mehlitz pm at biss-net.com
Fri Mar 14 01:10:03 PST 1997

> but the more complex ones return this:
> kaffe: thread.c:919: blockOnFile: Assertion `blockInts == 0' failed.
> IOT trap/Abort (core dumped)

Could you please examine the core file with gdb. Is there a usable stack trace
(bt)? If there is any memory func (malloc/free) involved, please rebuild kaffe
with GC_INCREMENTAL turned off (file gc.h).

What kind of app you are running? Does it happen randomly or can it be
reproduced? What version of biss-awt do you have (0.87 is the current one, you
can get it via <www.biss-net.com/biss-awt.html>)?

Lots of questions, I know :)  But let's see if we can get it work.


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