Bug and patch

Vijay Vaidy vijay at webpage.com
Sat Mar 15 20:04:28 PST 1997

> The debugger check say : Read From Unallocated. (It is very different 
> than Read From Uninitialize).
> I think it is a dangerous message. I give you more information
> If you needed it.

Nopes ... same thing ... basically says, you are reading something
you ought not to be cos you did not write it in the first place.
Not surprising since we are testing to see whether this is an object
that we have previously allocated ... and it is not.

You dont need to worry about it ... because a few lines down
the test (something like obj->ref == obj) will fail.
Also, since obj < HiMem and obj > LoMem it is safe to do obj->ref
-- although you may not get a meaningful result (i.e. you will get a pointer
to some unallocated memory).

- Vijay
> Gilles

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