Blocking call to connect()

Daniel Veillard Daniel.Veillard at
Wed Mar 19 06:46:16 PST 1997

>>  > Any opinion on this ? I would also love a patch for non blocking DNS look
>> yourself to strict POSIX (perhaps to run even on non-DNS systems), and
>> not count on getting non-blocking variants of the functions from POSIX
>> threads, the best hack I can think of would be to spawn off a
>> subprocess to do the lookups (and therefore, block on them); the main
>> kaffe process could then communicate by non-blocking I/O to it.  (This
>Well, spaning of a subprocess in an operating system independend manner is
>nontrivial - e.g. on AmigaOS it is almost impossible to port programms using
>fork() without greater code changes. That is one thing I loved about kaffe -
>it doesn't use fork()... :-)

  I finally choosed this solution, anyway. It's the simplest way, and IMHO
the bug is UNIX specific, so the solution is UNIX specific. On better designed
OSes maybe DNS call can be done in a non-blocking fashion. Otherwise,
one need to adapt the solution to the OS capabilities.

  Integrated, will be in next release (of Amaya since it's not directly
Kaffe related).


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