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Sun Mar 23 08:50:09 PST 1997


So I've bought myself a new prayer mat, got my rosary beads on, and my
Jesus sandels are packed - yes I'm off to JavaOne to immerse myself
in the mystical teachings of the holy ones themselves.  I hope for divine
insight into many of my unanswered questions (such as why isn't it called
JavaTwo this year?) and am already practicing the ritual chant "Javasoft
are really quite nice and I think their laywers are just misunderstood".

On a more earthly plane, it's been suggested by Peter Mehlitz (he of
BISS-AWT fame) that people might be interested in getting together for
a chat about Kaffe, Biss and so forth (I suspect it is herasy to talk about
Java without an official Sun license and we'll end up getting drunk ...
sorry, burnt).  Well I'm game at any rate.  I think Peter is planning to
put up a list or notice or something to gather some people together - but
I lost his email so I'm not exactly sure now.

Failing that, I'll be the one trying to buy crisps and English beer at the


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