Compiling on Linux/SPARC

James A. Hillyerd james at
Sun Mar 23 13:33:29 PST 1997

Has anyone successfuly compiled Kaffe 0.8.3 on Linux/SPARC?  I had no
problems compiling 0.7.1, but I want the latest and greatest. =)

My problem is with kaffe/kaffevm/classMethod.c
Around line 490: (this was typed by hand, so this may not be completely

488:	if (class->state == CSTATE_DOING_LINK) {
489:		while (class->state == CSTATE_DOING_LINK) {
490:			suspendThread(currentThread);
491:		}
492:		return;
493: 	}

The compiler complains that currentThread is undeclared, and I tend to
think it's right.  I can't see where it would come from in this function.

My other question has to do with JIT compiling on SPARC/Linux.  The
webpage and the README have said since 0.7.1 that JIT is enabled for
SPARC/Linux, but looking in config/sparc/linux/ I see that there is a file
called jit-md.h-notyet  There is no comments or readmes that hint to why
this is.  Was this just forgotten?


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