Kaffe and BISS...

Daniel J. O'Connor doconnor at ist.flinders.edu.au
Sun Mar 23 14:13:05 PST 1997

I just downloaded and compiled Kaffe 0.8.2, with BISS, but I can't get it
to work :-/
Its says -
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no awt in shared library path
        at java/lang/Throwable.<init>(line unknown, pc f0fd8)
        at java/lang/Error.<init>(line unknown, pc 125544)
etc etc...

But I know the library is in my LD_LIBRARY_PATH(ie libkaffe_bissawt.* is
in one of the directories in my LD_LIBRARY_PATH. My CLASSPATH has the
biss zip in it as well..

I'm running it on Sparc Solaris 5.5.1, and I REALLY want it to work, 
cause they haven't installed the JDK properly <SIGH>

PS Can I get Win32 binaries from somewhere?

Hope you guys can help, and keep up the good work :)


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