Compiling Kaffe

Kursat INCE kince at
Mon Mar 24 14:01:23 PST 1997

Hello everyone,

I untar all the files that are said in the readme file.
When I tried to configure the system, and makefiles I saw that the
./configure script has some bugs in it.

I am using a Sun station running Solaris2.5. And gcc.
Strangely the script complained about the "test" program, invalid no of
arguments. Took 30 minutes to fix. But later, after correctly identifying
some of the system, it again behaved wrong, such that each question was
answered as "no".


Me too. I know that my system has those features, but ./conf can not find
it. You may say, I have changed the script, Yes, but they were just
changing " = " to "=" for the test work correct.

The script is not functioning correctly. Any body has a suggestion?

Thank you,

kince at

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