Threading (?) broken with Nextstep and 0.8.3

Dan Grillo grio at
Mon Mar 24 14:05:56 PST 1997

Gregor Hoffleit writes:
> I've already submitted this as bug report, but I'm looking for feedback
> from other OS's: With 0.8.3, threading (?) seems to be broken on NEXTSTEP
> 3.x. Simple things like HelloWord continue to work, as do some threading
> test (T3 etc.), but e.g. T16 and javac just hang after
> java_lang_Object_wait().
> This seems to happen with i386 as well as m68k.
> Anybody else encountered something similar yet ?

I just tried to build 0.8.3 for m68k NEXTSTEP 3.3, but it failed to

cc -seglinkedit -all_load  -I. -I./../kaffevm -I../../config
-I./../../config -I../../include -o kaffe main.o ../kaffevm/libkaffe_vm.o 
ld: Undefined symbols:

Any suggestions?

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