kaffe on a Mac

Dr Paul Gorman Paul.Gorman at stonebow.otago.ac.nz
Mon Mar 24 19:27:29 PST 1997


has anyone got kaffe to work with the BISS awt on a Mac using CodeBuilder?
i.e. Run the Sun animator applets or some of the other demo applets?

I have installed 0.8.3 after a couple of problems with the HANDLELIB macro
which wasn't defined for the set up.

Line 67 of external.c :

static HANDLELIB libHandle[MAXLIBS]

( or whatever it was, I can't quite remember...)


static void* libHandle[MAXLIBS]

after looking at the previous version! This with the addition of the line
#include "thread.h" in classMethod.c builds the system.

The only problem is I can do hardly anything with it - I can pop up a frame
by doing  new Frame etc. Anything more complicated crashes the machine. The
appletviewer sometimes pops up with the frame then crashes the Mac or just
crashes the Mac.

I was running System 7.5.3 but Iam now running System 7.6 but have the same
problem. I have a 24MB 7600/120 with a 1.2 G disc partitioned into 3 with
virtual memory switched on. Switching off most of the extensions doesn't
help either...


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