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Tim Wilkinson tim at
Thu Mar 27 06:54:41 PST 1997


On Wed, 26 Mar 1997, Gilles Fedak wrote:

> my question is :
> I've got an input programm like the Linpack Benchmark.
>  a file describing all the instructions (bytecode) that the JVM has
> executed.
> Is there a tool producing that?
> Or are there some simple modification that i can make in the code of
> kaffe or java to do that?
> Thanks   

This would be really easy to do using the Kaffe interpreter.  Trivially you
could just pop a fprintf(...whatever...) before the dispatch switch
statement to dump the PC and opcode.  You may of course need more data
that this (opcode arguments, etc.) but none of this would be too difficult to


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