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Michael Thomas mike at
Thu May 1 11:13:29 PDT 1997

Olivier Pillon writes:
 > I have the same problem on my Linux. I also use gcc-2.7.0.
 > How did you solve the problem ? Which release of gcc and/or
 > binutils and/or libc works fine with Kaffe ?

   I upgraded to gcc-2.7.2 and binutils-2.7.0
and it works fine.

   What I'm currently stuck on is that I'm trying
to load a jpeg image which is evoking this

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no jpeg in shared library path
        at java/lang/Throwable.<init>(line unknown, pc 0x8300e79)
        at java/lang/Error.<init>(line unknown, pc 0x8304c63)
        at java/lang/LinkageError.<init>(line unknown, pc 0x8304be3)
        at java/lang/UnsatisfiedLinkError.<init>(line unknown, pc 0x8304b63)
        at java/lang/Runtime.loadLibrary(line unknown, pc 0x822bbe3)
        at java/lang/System.loadLibrary(line unknown, pc 0x822f571)
        at sun/awt/image/JPEGImageDecoder.<clinit>(46)           

   More to the point, is there a place where the
limitations/bugs of the biss-awt are so that I
can stop asking really dumb questions?


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