BSDI 3.0 and Kaffe 0.8.4

Eduardo Takahashi takahasi+ at
Wed May 7 05:51:15 PDT 1997

>  Has anyone used kaffe 0.8.4 under BSDI 3.0?  I tried compiling
> and it dumps core.  The exact message is:
>Failed to allocate heap (16384K)
>Abort trap - core dumped

I had the same problem with NetBSD, but after some tests it seems
that the problem isn't the platform but the huge memory that kaffe 
tries to allocate (16MB).

Try limiting the maximum heap size with the  -mx <size>
option, it worked with me. However, to run javac this way you will
have to expand it to:

kaffe -mx 4000000

Good luck!


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