BSDI 3.0 and Kaffe 0.8.4

Mary Gan MGan at
Wed May 7 14:21:58 PDT 1997


  Thanks for your suggestion.  It works for me.


At 08:51 AM 5/7/97 -0400, Eduardo Takahashi wrote:
>>  Has anyone used kaffe 0.8.4 under BSDI 3.0?  I tried compiling
>> and it dumps core.  The exact message is:
>>Failed to allocate heap (16384K)
>>Abort trap - core dumped
>I had the same problem with NetBSD, but after some tests it seems
>that the problem isn't the platform but the huge memory that kaffe 
>tries to allocate (16MB).
>Try limiting the maximum heap size with the  -mx <size>
>option, it worked with me. However, to run javac this way you will
>have to expand it to:
>kaffe -mx 4000000
>Good luck!

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