Cygnus Solutions supports Tim Wilkinson and Kaffe

James A. Hillyerd james at
Wed May 7 22:12:19 PDT 1997

On Wed, 7 May 1997, Per Bothner wrote:

> I would like to let the Kaffe community know that Tim Wilkinson,
> author of the free Java VM "Kaffe", is working part-time for
> Cygnus Solutions as a contractor.  This situation started in April,
> and the current agreement lasts until Summer.
> The goal of this agreement is to allow Tim to spend more time
> improving Kaffe (and less time seeking non-Kaffe-related income).
> One specific Cygnus need is for Kaffe to support Java classes
> that have been pre-compiled using Gcc.  

Congrats to Tim.  What could be better than to be paid to develop free
software?  =)


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