JNI support?

darknerd at best.com darknerd at best.com
Thu May 8 17:01:12 PDT 1997

> I think it's time to create a majordomo footer for this message that has a
> list of all the acronyms for Java...  I've seen JNI a few times, don't
> know what it is.  I've never heard of an ABI before.  Is that typo for
> API?

ABI stands for Application Binary Interface.  API is need for source
compatability, and ABI is needed for binary compatability.  It's a term
used alot in the industy.

For Java, this means any Java applet could access compiled byte code
libraries.  Thus, if Kaffe doesn't support JNI, then it cannot use the
Java libraries from another vendor.


For Intel, there's icbs2 which Linux supports.  Supporting this ABI means
that you can run applications compiled for SCO UNIX. UnixWare also can run
SCO UNIX applications by supporting icbs2.  Also, some applications can
run on both Solaris and UnixWare because both UNIXes are SVR4, so this may
be some other type of ABI.

For Apple's Rhapsody, there is BlueBox which will support 68k Runtime
Environment and PowerPC Runtime Environment ABIs.  BlueBox will not run
CFM68k ABI though.

 - joaquin

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