Corel Office for Java

UGARTE Asier ugarte at
Fri May 9 03:22:48 PDT 1997


Has anyone tried Corel Office for Java under Kaffe ? 
(beta version  available at

I've tried with Kaffe 8.4 and the package but 
 I am getting the following error at the point where the main window
opens :

at biss/awt/kernel/Graphics.drawImage(line unknown, pc 4a366c)
at biss/awt/kernel/Graphics.drawImage(line unknown, pc 4ab1e4)
at corel/af/ui/PeerlessButton.paint(line unknown, pc 4a8de0)
at corel/af/ui/PeerlessManagerPanel.paintPeerless(line unknown, pc 34ae1c)
at corel/af/ui/PeerlessManagerPanel.paint(line unknown, pc 49ef94)
at corel/af/ui/ComponentBar.paint(line unknown, pc 4a40a0)
at biss/awt/kernel/ unknown, pc 2b419c)
at java/lang/ unknown, pc 2b3184)

Has anyone ever got similar messages and perhaps know what's wrong?
Or if Corel Office for Java is supporter by Kaffe ?

Thank you. 

Asier Ugarte

ugarte at
ugarte at

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