JNI support?

Nelson Minar nelson at media.mit.edu
Wed May 14 16:04:27 PDT 1997

Per Bothner explained:
>What JNI provides is the ability to use a *machine code* library from
>another vendor, *if* it has been compiled for the same architecture
>and calling convention (and uses the JNI).

Does this mean that the JNI standardizes things like the memory layout
of objects?

>For Kaffe, JNI as an ABI has limited usefulness, especially if
>you are running on a platform that is not comerically popular.
>How many Netscape plug-ins run on Linux?  Except for those available
>with source code - very few.  JNI libraries will be the same.

How about libawt and other compiled code that's part of the JDK? It
would be really really nice to be able to take these libraries and
drop them into kaffe. They may not be Free, and the JNI may be slow,
but at least they do work.

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