Gary Howland gary at
Thu May 15 06:49:28 PDT 1997

>                                   [INLINE]
>                     Java Security: From Eggs to Applets
>                       Copyright (c) 1997 Mark D. LaDue

I am not an administrator of this list, and have no authority on this list.
However, I am a user of the list, and I must say I that I find this sort of 
advertising really irritating, and I assure you that you are not doing
yourself any favours with this buyer of Java books.

In addition you have posted copyrighted spam!  This may have interesting
consequences if this list is one of those where the copyright of all posts
belongs to the list administrator.

I realise that you are unlikely to refrain from this in the future, but if
you want potential purchasers of your books to be a little less pissed off
with your advertising, then at least prefix the subject line with [SPAM]

If the list administrator is reading this, then I request that they take
some sort of action to prevent this sort of behaviour.  (Please, at least
insist on something in the subject line.  Thanks).

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