M88K Kaffe

Andrew S Halper, Computer Specialist, Tucson, AZ ashalper at usgs.gov
Thu May 15 11:27:50 PDT 1997

Making some progress on M88K (yes, I know the world does not care).  Now
as far as crashing threads.

My problem now on HelloWorldApp is that I switch from the 1st
thread to the 2nd thread just fine, but crash when I try
to switch from the 2nd thread back to the 1st.

I know I'm not saving the PC properly in THREADSWITCH.  Two questions:

1. Does the format of the save area need to be exactly the same as the
   format used by the compiler in subroutine calls?

2. It appears that on this architecture, the value of the PC is only
   readable by doing jump subroutine and branch subroutine. Does this
   present any problems as far as THREADSWITCH is concerned?

Please excuse my assembler/compiler ignorance.  I'm a reluctant DG/UX
nurse, not a systems programmer.

Andy Halper

p.s. - thanks to Tim and Bernie for their help thus far

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