please disregard half my previous post

Michael Poole poole+ at
Thu May 15 17:35:40 PDT 1997

	Please disregard the second half of my last message.. I should
have realized Kaffe was doing what I suggested.  However, it just seems to
take forever.
Is there any reason that the following methods take so long to compile?
(I'd the first myself, but apparently the only source for it comes with 
Sun's distribution of the JDK, and I don't have an NT or Solaris machine
These are from timings from 'kaffe -verbosejit', which took a total of 17314 ms for all JIT
compilation -- these three methods account for 10610 ms, out of
approximately 630 methods JIT compiled.
I seem to remember getting better performance with previous versions of

java/lang/Character.<clinit> -- 4656 ms
sun/tools/java/BatchEnvironment.makeClassDefinition -- 2546 ms
sun/tools/java/Parser.parseStatement -- 3408 ms

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