Kaffe-0.9.0 problem?

Gregor Hoffleit flight at mathi.uni-heidelberg.DE
Fri May 16 03:07:12 PDT 1997

You wrote:
> Please check if you are trying to load a font which isn't on your system
> (however, this should gracefully produce a Java Exception). Any chance to
> run this from within a debugger (gdb, ddd)? As an alternative, you can
> try to start kaffe with -Ddebug=255 (but this gives you a lot of output).

The same problem strikes me, too. It happens e.g. when running biss.jde.LibBrowser in an unmodified kaffe 0.9.0 and biss 0.87 environment. Reproduced on both Linux and NEXTSTEP/X11. With kaffe 0.8.4, this worked fine with the same setup.


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