MSDOS port of Kaffe.

Rob Kramer R.Kramer at
Fri May 16 07:03:38 PDT 1997

Hi all,

After checking with Tim Wilkinson, I've decided to make a beginning in porting
the kaffe VM to MSDOS/DJGPP. My experience with Java is actually negligible,
but that shouldn't have to keep me from porting kaffevm. So far there have not
been any great problems and I've got a DJGPP interpreter VM running some of the
simpler test-classes (HelloWorld etc).

I'm having some troubles with kaffe's internal threading system - when I run
sleeptest.class (one of the test classes), the system stops running the class
after the alarm-exception handler has finished. Other thread-test-classes that
don't use alarms work fine. I can't seem to locate which part of the threading
system is responsible for the actual calling of methods. Can anybody explain?

Another problem is the absence of a proper TCP/IP socket library. For now, I've
stubbed out all socket functionality. The only library I know of is a port of
Waterloo TCP, which is incomplete and probably very buggy. For one, UDP sockets
are not supported at all. Any suggestions?



  Rob Kramer
  R.Kramer at
  MSc Digital Electronics & Parallel Processing Systems (pending :-))
  University of Brighton &
  University of Sussex

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