kaffe-0.9.0 problem with fonts?

Michael Svendsen zorgylp at diku.dk
Fri May 16 08:01:31 PDT 1997

Toivo Pedaste writes:
 > I'm trying kaffe on LINUX system (Debian) and am getting the following
 > error trying to run appletviewer
 > java.lang.NullPointerException
 >         at java/awt/Font.initializeFont(105)
 >         at java/awt/Font.<init>(119)
 >         at sun/applet/AppletCopyright.<init>(40)
 >         at sun/applet/AppletViewer.mainInit(984)
 >         at sun/applet/AppletViewer.main(993)
 > It seems to be distressed about a font, is there some way of telling
 > what font upsets it.

I had the same problem until I started to use


as an option to kaffe. Then the problem disappeared.
This is of course only a possibility if you use biss-awt.


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