kaffe java on SunOs 4.x

Rami Rosen ramiros at netvision.net.il
Fri May 16 09:18:49 PDT 1997

- I have dowloaded kaffe java for our unix. We have a SunOs 4.x UNIX SPARC
machine (of 

SUN).I unzipped the zipped files and , after reading the README file, I tried 

to install it : first by typing "./congigure" on the installation directory
everything went o.k.) , and afterward by typing "make " on the installation
directory - 

but this time i got errors . I consulted kafee experts , and they told me that I

should get GNU make. so I dowloaded the GNU make to our SPARC machine and 

I installed it . (I have access with priveleges of system manager on this

again when I am running /congigure" on the installation directory of kaffe and 

everyting is fine but after typing "make " on the installation directory - 

I got errors (this time different errors; part of the makefile runs o.k. ). 

when I try to change to the TEST directory and run an example - i don't

Is the problem is with the GNU installation on our SPARC ? i am a P.C 

programmer mainly, and I don't know much about GNU and makefiles of SubOs 4.x . 

Did any of you succedded in installation of kaffe on SunOs 4.x ? 

                                   ramiros at netvision.net.il

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