Couple of questions..

Rob Kramer R.Kramer at
Thu May 29 03:26:08 PDT 1997

Hi all,

Concerning the DOS port of Kaffe, some to-the-point questions:

- Can anyone tell me if I can use diff to diff an entire directory
structure? If not, does anyone have a unix script to do so?

- The configure script crashes under DJGPP because it tries to execute the
COFF file of conftest.c, instead of the executable. If I substitute
all occurances of './conftest' with './conftest.exe' in the configure
script all goes well. Can anyone suggest a way of how to modify the
configure script in such a way that it still runs on other machines. 

- Is there a digest-version of this mailing list? My mailbox is a mess!



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  University of Brighton &
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