Does kaffe support UDP datagrams?

Brent J. Nordquist nordquist at
Mon Nov 3 09:00:08 PST 1997

One of our developers is working on a CORBA application using Visigenic's
VisiBroker ORB, which uses UDP datagrams.  The app works fine using Sun's
JDK 1.1.4 on Solaris and other platforms, but fails using kaffe 0.9.1 on
FreeBSD 2.2.5 with the attached message.

Does kaffe support UDP datagrams?

Thanks for any assistance!

---cut here---
Failed to locate native function:
        at java/net/DatagramSocket.create(133)
        at java/net/DatagramSocket.<init>(87)
        at com/visigenic/vbroker/ds/DSUser.<init>(150)
        at com/visigenic/vbroker/orb/ORB.doCreate(1162)
        at com/visigenic/vbroker/orb/ORB.create(1202)
        at com/visigenic/vbroker/orb/ORB.locator(188)
        at com/visigenic/vbroker/orb/ORB.bind(874)
        at com/visigenic/vbroker/orb/ORB.bind(997)
        at com/visigenic/vbroker/orb/ORB.bind(863)
        at [our code]...
---cut here---

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