alarm() on PC/MSoft

John D. Gwinner gwinner at
Mon Nov 3 04:06:53 PST 1997


> Who ever of you out there who built kaffe on PC, with
> sygnus perhaps, I wonder what did you do about alarm().
> I plan on replacing alarm() with SetTimer() which does
> exectly what we need. SIGALRM functionality. You
> provide time and a callback function and when the
> time expires the callback func. is called.
> Any objections??

Is there a message pump in the app?  SetTimer, even with a processor
callback, won't work without a message loop, I believe.  There was an
article in MSJ on this a while ago, and the answer got deep into weird
territory, as near as I remember.

I'm having similar problems on another port of Unix to NT; with regard to
signals and Winsock.  I do wish that NT and Unix were closer on this
stuff, or that ANSI defined more.  (Ok, I don't want to start a flame war
or big thread here, I just wish this was easier, no matter who screwed up
the compatibility <G>).

		== John ==

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