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Wed Nov 5 06:58:36 PST 1997


and sorry if this question was asked before. I'm brand new to
kaffe and am still a newbie in Java. With my Linux/ELF (2.0.30)
I compiled both kaffe-0.9.2 and kaffe-0.9.1 successfully. The
test ("cd test; make test") returned

  *** Running tests
  HelloWorldApp ... passed
  TestFloatDoubleLong ... ignored
  Str ... passed
  Str2 ... passed
  IndexTest ... passed
  StackDump ... passed
  tname ... passed
  ttest ... passed
  burford ... passed
  IllegalInterface ... passed
  GetInterfaces ... passed
  DeadThread ... passed
  SignedShort ... passed
  BadFloatTest ... passed
  ExecTest ... ignored
  finaltest ... passed
  finaltest2 ... passed
  forNameTest ... passed
  KaffeVerifyBug ... passed
  *** Passed

in both cases. When I ran "kaffe HelloWorldApp" there were no
errors. Then, I started my own application which runs without
problems under "java" and it failed with

  890[frank at linux]% kaffe start eads01
  java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no awt in shared library path
        at java/lang/Throwable.<init>(line unknown, pc 0x8380987)
        at java/lang/Error.<init>(line unknown, pc 0x8380ad9)
        at java/lang/LinkageError.<init>(line unknown, pc 0x8380a61)
        at java/lang/UnsatisfiedLinkError.<init>(line unknown, pc
        at java/lang/Runtime.loadLibrary(line unknown, pc 0x81e2357)
        at java/lang/System.loadLibrary(line unknown, pc 0x81e1271)
        at sun/awt/motif/MToolkit.<clinit>(43)
        at java/awt/Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit(243)
        at java/awt/Font.initializeFont(105)
        at java/awt/Font.<init>(119)
        at Selektor.favoritenInit(86)
        at Selektor.<init>(68)
        at start.main(23)

with both kaffe versions. I couldn't fix this :-(

The kaffe runtime environment was set according to the suggestions
in the ENVIRONMENT file. Perhaps someone out there can help me, please?!


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