Improving Java for Linux

John D. Gwinner gwinner at
Wed Nov 5 21:45:08 PST 1997


> The bright side of this particular coin is that some of these
> restrictions, including possibly the JDK restrictions themselves, may
> come out of simple cluelessness, rather than malice, and that can be
> cured.

Hopefully -- but when I originally talked with JavaSoft, they were pretty
direct with their desires to retain control of the source and distribution
licenses, and didn't seem willing at all to relax them.  I pointed out
that I'd love to make Java more widespread, but that their absurdly high
prices and confusing licenses weren't making it any easier.  Didn't help,
although maybe the release of the proprietary stuff shows that someone is
trying to relax the restrictions.

I'm going with the MS VM as a result.  Say what you want about MS, at
least they know that empowering developers is the way to go.  

(Or the Kaffe VM of course -- which is why I'm still on the list.  I do
believe in this stuff for ALL platforms)

		== John ==

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