Improving Java for Linux

John D. Gwinner gwinner at
Fri Nov 7 03:23:28 PST 1997


> Sorry, I've never seen Javasoft advocating that you ship a JVM with
> your app.  Do you have a reference for this handy?  

Sure -- Me.

Sun has worked hard to get Java to be an important language, and it's
technically a nice thing, or we wouldn't be here.

So much so, that important other standards are becoming based on Java.

In my particular case, VRML (the 3D standard for content on the Internet)
uses Java or soon Ecmascript to be the scripting language.  Ecmascript
will be the 'light weight' scripting language, Java the 'heavy weight'
scripting language.  Multi-user spaces practically require Java, at least
to talk to any servers to be a multi-user world of any type.

Recently, the VRML Architecture Board has voted to move the Java annex
(optional) to be required (I forget the ISO terminology).

This means that I *have* to ship Java with my app.  Somehow. (there are
alternatives, let's discuss that elsewhere -- Kaffe being one of them).

Or -- go out of business.

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