Free Java advocacy (was Re: Improving Java for Linux)

Sune Kirkeby sune at
Sat Nov 8 00:38:35 PST 1997

On 7 Nov 1997, Jim Pick wrote:
> So, I'd like to reiterate what I was advocating:
>  1) We re-implement the core java language and libraries.  Note:  This
>     does not mean the entire java.* heirarchy.  Sun has been loading all
>     sorts of APIs into that space which don't meet my definition of
>     "core API".  Microsoft obviously feels the same way, and is getting
>     sued as a result.
 Once again the marketing boys at M$ have done a marvelous job of
promoting FUD! Saying the Sun has sued M$ for not implementing the entire
java.* package is FUD. M$ is being sued for _altering_ the java.*
packages, ie. the have added new public classes (among other to
java.awt.*), they have added new public fields to public classes, and they
have omitted public fields from other public classes.
 All of the above constitues as purposefully implementing an faulty
non-compliant Java execution environment (Java VM _and_ Java core
classes). Just as a side note: if you think that Sun sued M$ for not
implementing RMI and JNI you are wrong, because M$ has the JNI and RMI
available for download on their web (which is good enough for Sun). 

	Sune Kirkeby.

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