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e-mail e-zine weekly - issue four 9th November 1997
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Welcome to the UK's first co-op e-marketing magazine! 
Here you will find latest 'net news, and recommendations 
of products and services! Enjoy!
ICQ Chat now has over 4 million users! Free service and 
software! Faster than email - chat, send files, messages 
etc. - Get it! Everyone else is! You can even conference
live & free! - www.mirabilis.com
UK Citizen's Online Democracy (www.democracy.org.uk) is 
hosting the first full online consultaion exercise from
their site, giving internet users a chance to debate with
For the latest and newest worldwide shareware - visit 
http://www.windows95.com/apps/newapps.html - free downloads.

Informed Training Services - Courses 1997:
Introduction to the internet

Creating Web Pages - Basic
Creating Web Pages - Advanced
Marketing on the Internet
Introducing Intranets
Business Information on the Internet
Introduction to Windows
Compuserve and the Internet

Call The Training Dept on 0171 282 1940
training at informed-ibs.com - www.informed-ibs.com
Scotland on line. Scotland's premier internet provider now 
Blazing fast reliable access...
Free 10MB of web space for your personal pages...
Free support - 24 hrs a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year...
Free software plus instructions...
Unique & topical internet content and conversation.
For details call 0800 -272 027 or visit www.scotland.net
Absolute Battery manufacture and distribute an extensive range 
of almost 600 different Laptop computer batteries, also a range 
of Auto Adapters, Charger / Conditioners, C/MOS and Clock batteries, 
Replacement AC mains power supplies, Laptop Port Replicators, and 
Dual Bay Charger / Conditioners. Call +44(0)1394285566 or e-mail
sales at absolutebattery.co.uk
DNR Internet names - Protect your company, Product and Trading 
Name. Register them NOW - 01277 622540 - dnr at dnr.net - www.dnr.net
PC, printer & peripheral maintenance (also by contract) & repairs! 
Unbeatable rates, very high class service with quick turnaround 
- ALT Computers Ltd. - ask for Tom Long on 01203 650392
Virtually the best car showroom in the world! 
- www.virtual-showroom.co.uk
Connect the important people in your organisation now!
E-MAIL ONLY - http://www.cablenet.net/cablenet - £2.50
per month - any number of email addresses with each
account at no extra charge!!!
Phone monitor - monitor the amount of time/cost of your web 
browsing! Includes facilities to incorporate BT's Premier Line
scheme and Friends & Family! - www.vizion.demon.co.uk
names at names.co.uk - quick easy domain names registration service.
Protect your name now! be quick - 17,000 names a day are being 
registered worldwide. http://www.names.co.uk
Net ready computers from as little as £549!!! Micom Limited provide 
a range of reliable standard systems whose specifications can be 
tailored to suit. It is very unlikely you will find prices that beat 
ours anywhere in the UK - and we only use top quality up-to-date 
components direct from the manufacturer. No more rip-off prices or 
obsolete stock! Call Dan for full details and comprehensive price 
lists on 01203-659659 NOW!

e-mail e-zine - the most modern and fastest way to advertise!

issue 3 circulation - est 325,000+ readers
e-mail e-zine rates
Max 90 words single issue:   £190.00 inc (max 10 client ads per issue)
WAS £295.
Standalone mailshot (just your ad, no limitation on length): £495.00 inc

To place an advert in e-mail e-zine, simply telephone 01788-578571 
leaving your contact details.

enquiries: please leave your contact details on 01788-578571, 
your call will be returned asap.

e-mail lists - all c60,000 .co.uk domains e.g. sales at ukcompany.co.uk - 
only £230.00 to use in your own email campaigns. With full company name 
only £420.00. WAS £295 and £495 respectively!

ANNOUNCING - euro-data!!! Email lists covering 95% all european
businesses - over 260,000 european unique company entries!
Covers all registered domains in:
France		.fr
Spain		.es
Germany		.de
Denmark		.dk
Switzerland	.ch
Finland		.fi
Ireland		.ie
Netherlands	.nl
Sweden		.se
Italy		.it
Norway		.no
Poland		.pl
Belgium		.be
Czech		.cz
Scandinavia	.sk
etc.etc.etc. - almost all of europe in ready to send / import
separate text files for each country - for only £700!!!

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