Embedding kaffe

G. Sumner Hayes zumner at collegium.adsl.net.cmu.edu
Thu Nov 13 17:08:48 PST 1997


In the build process, kaffe builds a bunch of libraries (libkaffe_vm.so,
libkaffe_agent.so, etc) that seem to contain most of the functionality
needed to embed a Java interpreter in a C program.  I'm interested in
doing that and am about to start reading source code (since there 
isn't much documentation :)  I was wondering if anyone had any pointers,
thoughts, or hints on what to start looking at.  If someone had done
this already and had source they were willing to share that would be
even nicer.

I'd like to be able to do the two obvious things that would be useful:

1.  Take a C string of Java source code and compile it to a C string of 
2.  Execute a C string of byte-code in the Kaffe VM.

Even a "yes, this isn't impossible under the current architecture"
would be nice so that I know I'm not about to waste a lot of time.

Thanks for your time,

  Sumner Hayes

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