Kaffe for embedded development?

Dan Lambright dlambright at opengroup.org
Mon Nov 24 10:32:19 PST 1997

In message <3479B197.3985 at hns.com>Jason Steinhorn writes
>I was wondering if anyone on the list has yet tried to port Kaffe to a
>real-time operating system (either commercial or home-grown) and/or
>attempted to do any development in an embedded environment?
>In theory, at least, what would be required to do this, other than the
>standard porting of the platform-dependent threads calls?
>Any information about using Kaffe in an embedded and/or real-time
>environment would be greatly appreciated!

Here is a site selling a commercial read-time JVM which has technical 
specifics online. The second site is a Java Developer's Journal article by 
Kelvin Nilsen (pres. of newmonics), that sumamrizes the issues. The third is 
UCSC's embedded Java research site.


I am working on a project that implements soft real-time guarantees in a JVM 
(we are using Kaffe at the moment). the above projects are hard realtime and 
are more ambitious, for example the newmonics system introduces new bytecodes. 
The JVM's large footprint, the lack of standards for scheduling, implementing 
an incremental GC, and the shared heap among threads are the big issues for us.


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