Object Seralistion!

Tim Wilkinson tim at tjwassoc.co.uk
Tue Oct 7 14:10:12 PDT 1997

Vik Sohal wrote:
> Object Serialization requires an understanding of the low level protocol
> that SUN uses in their own implementation. Up till a week ago this protocol
> was not published, but I understand that it is now. We are looking at it and
> are thinking about implementing it in Kaffe. If we do, I am quite certain we
> will be able to post it as a patch to the Kaffe community.

I've actually looked into this and found that the documentation for the
original JDK 1.1-beta contains more than enough information on how to
write Serialization.  You should bear in mind that most of the hard work
will be done in the Java code and only the native stubs need to be
written - and these don't worry about the format of Serialized data
anyway.  Of course, the actual function of these native methods isn't
documented so you have to guess ...  But then, thats how the rest of the
native stuff was written.

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