Object Seralistion!

Ralf W. Stephan ralf at ark.franken.de
Tue Oct 7 03:04:03 PDT 1997

Tim wrote 
> P. V. Thatayya Naidu wrote:
> >     Will  Object Serialistion and RMI work with this new release Kaffe 0.9.2 ?
> I'm afraid not.  Any takers?

No, I won't bite yet, I'm still trying to understand the source.
Maybe someone can help me:

- how do you know which native functions are needed by Java's classes?
  do you just wait for LinkErrors or is there something like an API?
- many files in packages/tjwassoc... are machine generated --- from
  what input?
- can the JITC in principle take a bytecode call to a member func
  and instead direct it to a native implementaton of the class?
  Example: java.util.Vector: could this be speeded up by *directly*
  calling my own C implementation (possibly without bounds checking, e.g.)?
- is there a point in rewriting some classes to get better performance /
  free versions of them, or is this outside the kaffe project?

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