Configure for QNX ??

jso at jso at
Thu Oct 9 02:10:55 PDT 1997

> After running configure, make fails.
> Memory model and size of int, long, .. are wrong. And as far as I know
> the Watcom compiler has no 64 bit
> longs.

Watcom 11 has 64 bit ints BUT you must use gcc for compiling kaffe on

Note that kaffe-0.9.2 does not compile out of the box for QNX. 

0.9.1, however, does with a little help. 

Here is the message that I posted back in july to comp.os.qnx,
describing how to compile kaffe-0.9.1 on QNX.


I have ported the kaffe virtual machine to QNX-4.23. 

Kaffe is a free implementation of the Java virtual machine, written by
Tim Wilkinson. Kaffe uses Just-In-Time compilation of byte-code into
machine code which makes it pretty efficient (considerably faster than
Sun's "reference" interpreter based implementation - slightly slower
than Sun's JIT based implementation).

Kaffe can be used together with Sun's class libraries version
1.1.2. The complete API is not yet supported by native methods though
- I think more or less the subset corresponding to version 1.0.2 is
supported. An important exception is that awt (i.e., graphics) is not
supported by kaffe-0.9.1. 

Gnu CC 2.7.2 is required in order to compile kaffe. gcc can be
obtained from

The QNX patches have already been incorporated into kaffe-0.9.1, which
can be obtained from 

A single bugfix is required to make it compile: in
config/i386/trampolines.c replace ".global" with ".globl"

Sun's class libraries are available from a number of places, either as
part of kaffe (kaffe-0.9.1-package-javasoft.tgz), or as part of
jdk-1.1.2 which can be downloaded from

Regards, Jeppe Sommer
jso at


One more note: the ld command provided with gcc will confuse kaffe's
configure script because it exits zero even when unresolved symbols
are encountered. A fixed (beta) ld can be obtained from I suspect that this will be a
temporary issue. 


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