JavaLobby and JavaOS

Bruce R. Montague brucem at
Sat Oct 11 09:28:18 PDT 1997

 re microkernel OS engineering/performance problems - 2 recent papers 
 that may prove of interest in this regard are:

 "Experience with the Development of a Microkernel-Based, Multiserver
  Operating System", Freeman Rawson, Proc. 6th Workshop on Hot Topics
  in Operating Systems, 5-6 May 1997 (HOTOS);
 "The Failure of Personalities to Generalize", Brett Fleisch, ditto...

 These are also intrinsically of interest as IBM apparently lost
 $2 _billion_ on this... Quote: "Despite the level of investment and the
 adoption of what was deemed to be the best of operating systems research
 and advanced development of the 1980s, the project, in retrospect, was
 not a technical success." (Rawson).

 Apologies if this is off subject, I'm just seconding the motion to 
 think this through carefully; forewarned is forarmed, ... investing
 the effort in things like porting interfaces, validation/compatibility
 tests, etc., might be more effective?


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