JavaLobby and JavaOS

Roger Binns rogerb at
Mon Oct 13 04:10:10 PDT 1997

> In the mean time, we already have found somebody,
> who will create a new kernel specifically for a Java OS.
> This one will be very small, as a Java based OS eliminates
> a lot of needs (process switching, protected memory etc...)

One thing to be careful of is drivers.  I don't know if you plan
to support commodity PC hardware, or will have very few supported

In any case, my suggestion would be to take a freeware UNIX (eg Linux)
that has lots of device support, and slowly remove/rewrite bits
to get to your goal.  This has the advantage that you have a working system 
from day one.  

(Ironically, it would also mirror the way Linux was built from Minix!)

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