Mark Huizer markh at
Mon Oct 13 09:02:00 PDT 1997

The wise Aleksey Sudakov produced the following lines:
> : 	Well, in the Computer Science Department at Utah University
> : you can find the answer to this discussion. They have already
> : developed a Java-OS using a library with provides you a toolkit to
> : build OS named OSkit upon and Intel ix86 architecture. I've used it
> : and it's really good. The OSKit code it's free and it's available in
> It's totally amazing. The only bad things are that it's not available for  
> immediate download and it's not free. They say that it's free for  
> non-commercial use and IMHO it will affect acceptance of this totally cool  
> idea.
Can you give me some URL or mailaddress so I can look at it? Sounds
cool, and yes, I'm not commercial planning to use it :-)


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