Simon J. Gerraty sjg at
Wed Oct 15 08:52:09 PDT 1997

I was trying to get Servlets running under appache on a SunOS system
today using kaffe as the JVM.  The same apache config etc on a Solaris
system using jdk1.1.4 worked fine so I know everything other than
kaffe is cool (I tried 0.8.4,0.9.1,0.9.2).

Anyway, whenever I try to run a servlet via the jserv_mod[ule] kaffe
just says:


which is obviously sub-optimal from a debugging point of view.

I've not looked myself, but would it be difficult to modify things so
that one learned which method of which class was not found?

I've not yet tried using other servlet engines with kaffe - has anyone
had success with kaffe running servlets?


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