Kaffe 0.9.2 on OS/2

Holger Veit Holger.Veit at gmd.de
Mon Oct 27 23:56:34 PST 1997

> Here are some patches for OS/2. To get the config/i386/os2 direcrory, jus=
> t
> copy config/i386/win32 and rename the cygnus subdirectory to emx.
> With this patches and EMX 0.9c its possible to build Kaffe on OS/2. It
> doesn't work though, it crashes as soon as I try to use it. I tried both
> interpreter and JIT.

Congratulations: you have likely found the same problem than I quite some
time ago, however I haven't bothered to try out the interpreter. So my
initial assumption of an obscure problem in the JIT or JIT-generated code
seems to be wrong. This makes room for other speculation: kaffe emulates
threading, rather than relying on native threads or pthread packages. I
had annotated the class loader and found the system crashing in different
classes which might look like a timing problem. I haven't seen a native
threads application in the tree yet (however this was 0.9.1, maybe this has
changed in 0.9.2), so a good idea might be to replace the internal threading
stuff with native threads. You can find a snapshot of my current 0.91 tree
at ftp://set.gmd.de/pub/misc/XFree86OS2/test/kaffe.zip for reference
(508K, directory readable; note it is not worthwhile to download it unless one 
is really interested in porting - it doesn't work).

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