Possible licensing issue with JavaSoft?

Robert Bates rbates at iname.com
Wed Oct 29 12:21:03 PST 1997

I just got off the phone with QNX about porting Kaffe to QNX and using it
in a commercial product... They expressed concern over my using it on a
commercial platform, and even though Kaffe is a clean-room project, they
have heard rumblings from JavaSoft about quashing any VM running without a
JavaSoft license on a commercialized platform.

Has anyone got any info regarding the legalities behind these
fears/concerns?  Basically, I'm investigating using the Kaffe port on QNX
to build commercially-available servers, and would like to know if I'm
getting a bit optimistic (legally) about being able to sell the systems
with Kaffe loaded on them... QNX would love to know about it too, because
they are in the process of sinking serious $$$ into a JavaSoft license to
get a VM ported to run under QNX and Neutrino.

BTW, their's won't be available until mid '98, and they are actually urging
me to explore this avenue for an "immediate" Java solution... (I think they
have a vested interest in my product shipping ASAP... ;)

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