kaffe-0.9.1 on NetBSD-1.2.1

Shigeru IKEDA js3guj at gold.ocn.ne.jp
Mon Sep 1 10:08:34 PDT 1997

Bernard Leach <leachbj at aba.net.au> wrote:
> Shigeru IKEDA wrote:

[stuff deleted]

> > And applied the following patch and re-autconf and tried to compile
> > again. (Maybe changing 'Makefile.in's is better.)

[stuff deleted again]

> > The result seems OK. I could compile, install, and pass the 'make
> > test'.
> This didnt seem to have any effect on my machine.
> ld: internal error: wrong number (382) of global symbols written into
> output file, should be 399
> Were there any other changes that you made?

To make this patch be effective, you should run 'autoconf'.

If you have not installed 'autoconf' utility, you should edit the
'Makefile's in the following directories after you ran 'configure'.


You have to change the 'LDTAIL' variable:

< LDTAIL=                -lm -lc 
> LDTAIL=                -lm

You can compile without '-lm', but you will get the message
'undefined symbol _floor ...' on runtime.

So editing 'Makefile.in's is useless.

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