How to compile "NOT JIT"?

Shigeru IKEDA js3guj at
Thu Sep 4 23:42:15 PDT 1997


> I want to complie kaffe for INTERPRETER not JIT.
> but, I can't find this option.

./configure --with-engine=intrp. ('./configure --help' shows other options.)

But you cannot compile kaffe-0.9.1/kaffe/kaffevm/intrp/machine.c.
There was a discussion about this on the list recently.

The total of 4 lines modification of machine.c seems good on my
NetBSD-1.2.1-i386 system, but on my Linux (ix86, debian-based,
kernel-2.0.29, libc-5.4.20, gcc-, binutil-2.7) kaffe dies with
Segmentation fault.

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