Any reports on using Kaffe on Windows 95/NT platforms ?

John D. Gwinner gwinner at
Sat Sep 6 20:10:01 PDT 1997


>   I am wondering if people on this list are actually using Kaffe
> on the Windows platform. Last time I checked, kaffe would at least
> compile using the Cygwin32 environment.

I had pretty extensively hacked an earlier version to work with MSVC (I
built my own makefiles) but haven't played with it since at least two
versions ago (deleted the stuff to make room for newer versions so I'm not
sure which version I was playing with.  Sounds kind of dumb I guess).

In any event, I *think* that Sun has changed their redistribution license
recently and that may make it easier for me at least to just include Sun's
JVM in my product (there's the JNI now).  I'd asked that question last
year and was told specifically three times by different JavaSoft people
that I'd need to pay them a licensing fee for a source license even if I
never even looked at the source.  (this is to bundle a Java interpreter in
my own "Browser" like product).

If you're funded at all though, maybe we should talk; I could probably
handle the port for you.

VisNet (my company, in the .sig) is self funded and pretty close to the
wire, so if I can pick up a short term contract it wouldn't hurt.  This is
on the list because the offer stands toward anyone else, although I expect
most of us here are small too :-)

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