Schramp, R. R.Schramp at
Wed Sep 17 09:18:28 PDT 1997

Probably a stuppid question that belongs in the FAQ (I don't think there
is one.. is there?)

I Can't get AWT applications to work. They complain about not being able
to load library's etc. etc. at runtime.
Even the simplest applications (only a frame) fail to run.

What I have: 2.something kernel. Latest XFree. I have installed lesstif
(I don't have motif). (I did run ldconfig)

Am I doing something wrong?

Could someone please inform me on what versions of library's to use.
Where te get them. How to compile
kaffe staticly if that would be needed to include some library's.

Any help is appreciated,

Ruud Schramp

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